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Generate your WordPress child themes in just a few clicks

Why is it important to create a child theme ?

When you’re working on a WordPress website, if you need to add additional PHP functions, edit theme files to add a block under the title for example, or just edit a CSS file, you must edit one of the theme files and make your changes.

These are mostly functions.php and style.css.

By doing this, you will be faced with a major problem : You will not be able to update your theme automatically !

Because you’ll have made changes to your theme files, you’re going to risk losing everything when you’re upgrading it to a new version! You can of course record all the changes made on your computer, update the theme and make changes again to the files, each timemanually, but this can quickly become an important load of work, especially if you are using a well-known and powerful theme like Divi de Elegant Themes, which have an average of one weekly update !

That’s why using a child theme is much more convenient, you will not lose your changes with each update, and it also allows you to know which files you have modified in a totally separate folder.

If you are not used to logging in FTP to your hosting, you are afraid to make a mistake by touching different files, or you simply want to increase your productivity, save time by automatically generating your child theme, then WP-CHILD-THEME.xyz is made for you !

1. Fill in the form to generate your great child theme.
2. Download your totally free generated child theme.
3. Install this child theme from your WordPress administration.

Generate a new child theme right now !

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